We all seek peace...but what IS peace? Rather than truly seek peace, we introduce clutter into our lives as distractions. We don't truly see the world because we clog our eyes with rubbish. We keep ourselves from physically traveling to peaceful locations because it's a lot more comfortable to stay home...

This is a little altgame doodle of mine. I hesitate to call it a game, but I hope you enjoy my little interactive parable.


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Played through the first time and it gave me only a black background... but the text box would still pop up when I walked far enough. Definitely has a different feel when the graphics came up for the 2nd play through... it's slow... but I'm assuming that was intended

Thanks for the head's up on the black screen. Weird...

Yeah same here. it looks like it might be related to Chrome. Just played the whole game and had nothing but black and words.